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H J Simpson
Will see you at the bowls club. I can walk home from there!
18 Sep 2013

Good to see you back on this side of town Annie and Geoff!!!
24 Jul 2013

You guys are absolutely amazing. I saw you at a pub in Essendon last week and you have really got it together. Pity there weren't many there to appreciate your show but we certainly did. Hope to see you soon.
21 Feb 2013

Hi guys.....we need u back @ the royal!!!!!!!!
05 Jan 2012

Jeff & Annie
It's been a looooooong time axe man. Good to see you found us after all this time. Hope things are good your end.
03 Mar 2010

The Axe Man
its good to see ya still goin strong after all these years - keep up the good work guys - regards - the axe man
02 Mar 2010

You just have to scroll down to the bottom of the guest book to add a message. I finally worked it out ;) I have managed my profile and uploaded a photo too.
02 Mar 2010

From: Brad (bradmp@tpg.com.au) AWESOME!!!
12 Oct 2009

From: Michelle (michelle@repeatsigns.com.au) Hi Guys, Havent seen you for a while, checking to see if you will be at the Royal on the 3rd of July,its that time of year again my Partay! Love you loads Chelle
11 Jun 2009

From: Jeff & Annie (info@theguiltyparty.com.au) Thanks Kim....we look forward to seeing u all @ The Blarney Stone on the 11th & 18th April ;)
03 Apr 2009

From: kim (badkitty@netspace.net.au) hey Annie & Jeff some friends & I caught your gig at The Blarney last sat.nite AWESOME as always ...I have seen you guys perform on a number of occassions & since saturday your now have 3 more followers mt mates are now believers when I tell them you rock! keep it coming cheers K :)
17 Mar 2009

From: jenni & bundy (jennydewar1@bigpond.com) jeff and annie...we were at the knox club new years eve and had a ball...thank u both for making the night one we will never forget... u guys rock x x x x x x x
02 Jan 2009

From: Karen (klschneider@live.com.au) Hi there! I was wondering if you were available for a private function in Emerald on March 21st 09 (and if so what the cost would be) ? cheers Karen
17 Nov 2008

From: Wendy Roberts (wendyr21@iprimus.com.au) Hi Jeff & Annie... Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for Saturday night and making Geoff's 50th a fantastic night...you guys are awesome!!!!!! I hope you can play at my 50th in 2 years time.
15 Sep 2008

From: Malcolm (melodymal@yahoo.com) great music, great attitude, you guys create a fantastic atmosphere, good on ya Jeff and Annie.
14 Aug 2008

From: cindy (cindy_the_saint666@hotmail.com) you two blow my mind everytime you play,can't wait to hear you again, can't wait till you do dayna's party. see you soon love you both cindyxoxoxox
11 Jul 2008

From: The Guilty Party (the_guilty_party@hotmail.com) Hey Wendy. We are back there on Anzac Day Eve. Thursday 24th April from 9:30pm. Look forward to seeing you there. If you join our mailing list you will receive updates on what's happening and when. Cheers.
11 Apr 2008

From: Wendy () When u coming back 2 Sunbury.....we miss u guys. xxx
04 Apr 2008

From: Holly Frederiks (goodcentsvermontsouth@hotmail.com) can you please add me to your myspace account. my myspace address is: myspace.com/thecagedemons. thanks Holly frederiks
08 Feb 2008

From: Janine () Gonna miss you Thursday nites. Let us know where you'll be. xxx
07 Feb 2008

From: Mike (sith_lord_dore@hotmail.com) hey guys u rock. hope all well i'll see u at the burv tomorrow i have got a request for tomorrow in between your set, goodbye horses by Psyche. If u can play that that would be great. Mike
31 Oct 2007

From: Mel (mel_moldrich@hotmail.com) you can see why we stalk this band... talented and polite to the slightly insane, these guys guarantee a good time. Note the use of alliteration to enhance my point. stunningly attractive, musically talented... what more could you want? other than perhaps a crazy light show (call me) -mel.x.
29 Oct 2007

From: gibbo () Hey Jeff, Great site, love the sounds and pics. All the best for continued success, Dave (Gibbo).
17 Oct 2007

From: John () Hey Guys. You were absolutely brilliant last Saturday night at our Gala Ball. With 95% of the guests on the dance floor all night, I'm sure we'll be seeing you next year and for many years to come. Thanks.
27 Aug 2007

From: Melissa (melissa.bonfa@hotmail.com) Hi Guys Just dropping in to say hello. Love the music you guys play, you both work really well together, keep up the good work. See you Thursday! xox
09 Aug 2007

From: Sharon & Simon (kelletts@tpg.com.au) Great stuff guys! Love the website and good to see the positive comments from all those fans out there. It's been a while, but looking forward to catching you in action real soon. xoxo
27 Jul 2007

From: Louise (mlnorton82@hotmail.com) Hey Guys, just wanted to let you know that everyone had a fab time at the mid year ball and couldn't stop talking about how much they loved you two. Hopefully we'll see you again at presentation night.
27 Jul 2007

From: Christine & Greg Donoghue (wizardthirteen@yahoo.com.au) Thankyou both so much for making our wedding extra special. You guys ROCK!!! We knew after all of the years we've seen you perform that you'd be great for our special day....and you were perfect..... The relos from the UK were so impressed that we have to take them to your next gig before they go home. Thanks once again, Chris & Greg.
12 Jul 2007

From: Aidan () You guys rock. We miss you already!
05 Jul 2007

27 Jun 2007

From: Tim Wilks (tim@clubstuff.com.au) HI. I have been in touch with John at Tasman Talent and he has recommended you for our wedding on 29 Feb 2008. Your songs look great.Do you have any backing tracks for Dean Martin? My father and I would like to sing a couple of his songs on the night. Tim Wilks
20 Jun 2007

From: Chantelle thomson (Chantelle_thomson@hotmail.com.au) Hey u r simply the best! Thank you 4 the great music and fantastic shows 4 the past 9 years! Love u all u both have beautiful voices! See u soon!
01 Jun 2007

From: Jo () ur awsum az.cu both again next week. Luv u guyz.
26 May 2007

From: Brooke Waddell (chook57@iprimus.com.au) I finally did it....it only took me how long to sign this for you guys?!!!!!!! Hey....better late than never!!!!! Brooke :-)
04 May 2007

From: Aidan! () Table 1 FOR THE WIN! cu weds! :D
09 Apr 2007

From: Dimitri Hawa (dimister@hotmail.com) Hi guys its Dimi love ya web site cant believe how many gigs u actually do money money money lolol u guys are pretty well known and u guys props busy all the time anyways guys gotta save some shrimps from drowning ill end it by saying i love ya music u guys f***ing rock and help me to sing cya ow p.s mel loves u guys heaps
09 Apr 2007

From: jenni and paul (jennydewar1@bigpond.com) have a happy and safe easter u guys.... enjoy ur time off see you when ur back at the royal xox
04 Apr 2007

From: jake the best (meyer_pimp@hotmail.com) hay guys u are the best two every adn i so enjoyed saturday night i cant wait for wednesday now just to see u guys sing again ps im wearing my pink top as well love ya annie and have a good one guys
17 Feb 2007

From: linda () I have yet to see another duo that gives so much, I have been a loyal follower for years now and I still am amazed at the passion and the energy you both give off in your preformances, if you havent seen these guys, do yourself a favour and get to see them one night, you wont be dissapointed,energy,excitement variety and good old fashioned sexuality,love you guys XXXXX
17 Jan 2007

From: cArinA!!! () Thanks 4 making my 21st an UNFORGETABLE nyt 4 me guys! Every1 is still telling me how fantastic you guys were! Great site also, u guys are the best! Thanks again... C u @ the bell!!!! cheers!
16 Jan 2007

From: Bronni (bronmilburn@hotmail.com) You guys rock my world! Thanks for all the fantastic nights in 2006. Good luck and see you on the floor in 2007! Bronni ;>)
01 Jan 2007

From: Faye () Hi Jeff & Annie. Never miss a gig when I am in Melbourne. Great site you have here!
22 Dec 2006

From: Rob (metallicat63@excite.com) Hi guys, Just a fan from the US.I was directed here by one of your big fans,Faye.She said you were really talented and from what i have seen here you are. Good luck in all you do.Maybe you can work a cover of Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" for me..LOL(just kidding).Your music is great. Rob
22 Dec 2006

From: Rose and Dennis Bardenhagen (dennisbardenhagen111@hotmail.com) We have used Jeff and Annie many times over the years.Their professionalism and performance combined will assure your event to be a winner.A pub,party or anytime you need entertainment they will fit the bill nicely.Thanks.Rose and Dennis.
22 Dec 2006

From: Haleigh (sparkles_93@hotmail.com) Hey Annie & Jeff its Haleigh... Denises daughter i love your site and i love you guyz ur awsum az keep up the good work and you never no maybe on day when i see you again i may even perform... haha luv haleigh... <3
17 Dec 2006

From: Craig (makers@nigpond.net.au) Great band, would highly recommend
10 Dec 2006

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